Twinkling Bird Cage

Twinkling Bird Cage

Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8
1/80 sec
ISO 250

Okay, I admit it.  I am a real sucker for bokeh.  This was as much about a really nice bird cage as it was about the amazing bokeh from the skyline in the background.

Brisbane’s not a very interesting city, so it’s almost fitting that it looks most beautiful when it’s a little out of focus. Heh sorry, that’s probably a bit mean to my city.

On Track

On TrackPanasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7
1/600 sec
ISO 100

Before anyone accuses me of being incredibly stupid in taking this photo, I’d just like to point out that the trams were still under construction and weren’t at all functional when I took this photo.  There is no way I’d stop right in the middle of a set of active tram tracks to take a photo, even if it is potentially an amazing snap.  Anyway, I thought it was a rather great coincidence that the tracks bisect the “Tram Only” sign so that it says “to”, considering that the vehicle will obviously be constantly on-the-go.  Actually, the middle section spells out RAIN.  TO RAIN?  Kind of just sounds like “train”, actually.

Curiosity + Dog = Nightmare To Walk

Curious Dog = A Nightmare To Walk

Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7
1/8000 sec
ISO 125

We recently took Phillip on a bit of a mini-adventure.  Well, to be fair, Tiff was the one that decided, given that she said: “I don’t think Phillip is getting enough intellectual stimulation”.  Now, although golden retrievers are generally known to be fairly lazy, I think Phillip takes it to a whole new level.  He likes to lie on his side pretty much all day and you can literally push him along the ground without him reacting.

So! We walked him down to the nearest playground (yes, human playground).  There’s something you need to know about him, though.  He is a very, very curious dog, so it’s pretty much impossible for him to walk in a straight line.  His walking path is basically about as straight as a drunken ant… not that I’ve ever really seen a drunken ant, but I imagine it wouldn’t really walk straight.  So here he is, stopping to sniff at something for about the 200th time this walk.


Cephalopod Takeover

Cephalopod Takeover

Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8
1/200 sec
ISO 200

Our museum here in Brisbane likes to dress up occasionally, when there are special exhibits ongoing.  There’s a marine life  (Deep Oceans) one ongoing that I keep forgetting to go to.  Either way, it looks like our cephalopod overlords have already started marking their territory!

PS: Is it a squid or an octopus?  I’m not really up to scratch with my marine biology.

In Case You Don’t Understand Traffic Lights

In Case You Don't Understand Traffic Lights


I find this sign more than a little amusing because of its placement.  It’s obviously usually used around construction sites, but I like to pretend this sign is warning you that there’s a traffic light up ahead and you should prepare to stop.  Just in case it’s red.  Talk about overkill, though I guess you can never be too safe.

…I’ll stop being silly now.  Maybe.

Instagram – A Playground For Serious Photographers Too?


Some food, because Instagram

Food. Because Instagram.

I’m going to take a break from my regular stream of photos and tell a story.  A couple of months ago, I showed this very blog to one of my friends, who replied, “Wow, you would have a really cool Instagram”.  To this I instantly scoffed (in my head, of course, because I’m not rude).  Instagram is just cats and dogs and food. Right?

Slowly, over the coming weeks, it got me thinking.  Why have I been so instinctively against the idea of using Instagram to share my photos?  I suppose I’ve always thought that it was the wrong demographic and that Instagram photos were somehow an inferior version of photography.  I must’ve been very put off by the fact that it has such a heavy smartphone camera focus, what with all the heavy preset filters and all.  Plus, Instagram didn’t even have a web interface for a long time, if I remember correctly.

Then, my partner Tiff started to show me some amazing photos on Instagram and it really opened my eyes.  I honestly had no idea that professional photographers were using Instagram – and to great effect, too!  Now, I’m not saying I’m anywhere near the level of a pro photographer (a budding enthusiast at best), but it was really interesting to find out that people were uploading their DSLR/Mirorless photos to Instagram.

At the end of the day, I guess it’s really just another avenue to reach out to more people.  All of the nonsense of me dismissing the entire network was really just my stubbornness and arrogance showing through, I think.  What I love about photography is that it doesn’t discriminate and it breaks down barriers.  A powerful image can convey a range of themes and feelings, without a single word, and that’s something that can be achieved with any equipment and through any outlet.

I guess the next question is how it’s going to work alongside this blog.  I have no idea, but I just signed up with the handle @blinded_by_light, and I suppose it’ll be a mix of photos I’ll feature here, alongside others I didn’t think were good enough for WordPress.

Maybe along with some dog photos.  Because everyone loves animal photos, right?

A Little Gardening Kick

Because it's a boot.

I have a bit of a… shall we say, minimalist approach to gardening.  If you gave me a plant to look after for you because you’re off on some great and wonderful plant-free holiday, I could probably keep it not-dead for the time you’re gone.  In saying that, I don’t exactly go out of my way to plant things.  In fact, I’m probably that guy that would try and find a way to build a self-watering mini-greenhouse to make things easier.

So anyway, Tiff recently started to dip her toes into gardening.  I’m not going to lie, it is 100% because they come in adorable, bright ceramic mini booties.  It started with the above camomile, but it now has two friends: basil and wild strawberry.

I can see this exploding into a full greenhouse full of adorable potplants very soon.