This way to the other side

This way to the other side

Olympus 14-42mm kit lens at 14mm
1/320 s
ISO 200

This was unashamedly another bokeh stress test for the kit lens.  As I mentioned last time, you can get some pretty creamy bokeh, even though the aperture only opens to f/3.5.

From Mountains to Water

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E-P5Olympus 14-42 kit lens at 42mm
1/40 s
ISO 100

So you may or may not know that I live in Brisbane, Australia.  We don’t have soaring skylines or amazing historical buildings, but we’re fortunate to be blessed some quite nice natural landscapes around, such as the one here.  Technically this was taken on the Gold Coast, which actually has more than just the golden beaches for which it’s famous.  I really like the effect of having sky, mountain and water all in the one frame.

Maybe one day I’ll own one of those houses with their own boat dock….


Meal Time!

MEAL TIMEOlympus 14-42 mm kit lens at 14mm
1/125 s
ISO 200

When I first got my camera, I went straight to the most photogenic subject around me: my fiancee….’s dog, Phillip!  This was taken with the 14-42mm kit lens, which is a surprisingly decent lens.  Phillip gobbles up every meal like it’s his last, so I literally had about 3 seconds to get a good photo.  Knowing this, I was at the bowl and pre-focussed before we let him at it.  I love how he’s so confident in his eating ability that he doesn’t even have to look at his bowl!  Something caught his eye just before I squeezed the trigger, and he looked like he was already planning his next move after his dinner was done and dusted.