Monochrome lens flare skyline (Harinezumi 2++)

This was taken with the Harinezumi 2++, ISO100, set on black and white mode. I do enjoy taking photos with lens flare in it, but you should be careful when doing that. The manual says not to point the camera at the sun, as it causes burn-in, and I’ve heard reports of it happening. Despite that, I just can’t help myself! The way I deal with it is to keep it to a minimum.

I was at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast when I took this photo.

Harinezumi 2++ “Color Hack” Trick – Method 1: Colourbalance

Red-tinted and blue-tinted photos

Okay, so the original Digital Harinezumi, ones with firmware V1.1 had this thing which has become known as the “colour hack”.  Basically, if you held the OK button and shutter down when you turned the unit on, you got access to a debug menu.  In this menu, among other things, you could mess with the red/green/blue colour settings, so that you could mess with the colour balance whenever you wanted.  Check out Mijonju’s blog for more details (plus, it’s also just generally a good read)

The Harinezumi cameras released after that, however, don’t have access to the colour hack.  Reports say that trying that combination of buttons on later models causes it to freeze.  Keeping this in mind, I’ve come up with some methods to get similar types of effects with my Digital Harinezumi 2++ Continue reading

Superheadz Digital Harinezumi 2++ Review

Okay, so I’ve had the Digital Harinezumi 2++ for a while now, so I figured I’d put up a review of it, based on my experiences.  Now, I’m not going to be be giving any sort of overall scores or ratings as numbers for any of my camera reviews, since I believe that each person wants something different out of their cameras.

Continue reading

Todai-ji temple (Digital Harinezumi 2++)

Walking out from Todai-ji temple, Nara. Taken with Digital Harinezumi 2++, ISO100

This was taken whilst moving away from Todai-ji Temple, which housed the world’s largest buddha statue, clocking in at 17 metres or so.  I love how vividly red that flower turned out on my Harinezumi 2++.  It took a little while to get the colour balance right – it was initially quite washed out.

I’ll soon be posting up a guide on how to take advantage of the auto-colourbalancing to get some funky effects going on the Digi Harinezumi 2++

Toycams, Philosophy and a Dragonite.

Dragonite and Snorlax welcome you! …  They also seem to be inspecting and testing out my prized Gakkenflex.  Photo taken with Digi Harinezumi 2++, ISO800

Hello all,

I know there’s not much to see right now, but if you stick around, you’ll see this place gradually build up. Over time, I’ll be uploading my favourite photos that I’ve taken with my numerous toy cameras.  If you mosey on over to my About page, you’ll see a little of what I aim to achieve here.  Like I said there, my philosophy is to never digitally alter any of the photos I post up here – all of it is 100% toycam goodness.  Almost all of the photos I post up will be from toy cameras (I say almost because, well… I have to use a normal camera to take a photo of my toy cameras). I’ve seen toycam blogs which admit to digitally altering their photos, and I just think that it completely defeats the purpose of using a toycam at all

On top of  sharing my photos, I’ll also report my various experiences and experiments with my toycams and post up guides and reviews, all in order to help you get the most out of yours.  And if you don’t own a toycam, maybe I can persuade you to invest in one yourself.

Currently I own a Digital Harinezumi 2++, a Gakkenflex (from the Otona no Kagaku magazine, volume 25), a Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim, a Superheadz Golden Half and a Smena Symbol (which is a vintage non-toycam film camera)