Yaaaaawn. Being a Dog Is Hard Work!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASMC Pentax 50mm legacy lens (adapted)
1/160 sec
ISO 250

“Why must life be so hard?!”
I love this photo to bits; it’s such a precious moment!  I love it when dogs do humanoid things, like yawn and sneeze.  I do wonder though… you know how people say yawns are contagious?  Do you think it works between dogs and humans as well?  Hmmmmmm I think I read a study that suggested yes, but I can’t remember.  Anyway, like I’ve said before, Phillip here will be heavily featured on this blog, on account of him being the cutest dog ever.
On a more serious note, this photo was taken with a gem of a lens that I found in my dad’s old collection.  It’s a K-Mount SMC Pentax 50mm f/1.4, and it looks like it’s packing some serious optics.  With an effective focal length of 100mm and an aperture that wide, it gives some super creamy bokeh that just ooooooozes.  All it took was a cheap K-mount micro four-thirds adapter off eBay and I was up and running.  It is a fully manual affair, like all adapted mounts, but that’s half the fun!


Meal Time!

MEAL TIMEOlympus 14-42 mm kit lens at 14mm
1/125 s
ISO 200

When I first got my camera, I went straight to the most photogenic subject around me: my fiancee….’s dog, Phillip!  This was taken with the 14-42mm kit lens, which is a surprisingly decent lens.  Phillip gobbles up every meal like it’s his last, so I literally had about 3 seconds to get a good photo.  Knowing this, I was at the bowl and pre-focussed before we let him at it.  I love how he’s so confident in his eating ability that he doesn’t even have to look at his bowl!  Something caught his eye just before I squeezed the trigger, and he looked like he was already planning his next move after his dinner was done and dusted.

Golden retriever falling asleep (Harinezumi 2++)

Heh, there really is nothing cuter than a Golden Retriever (Phillip!!) struggling to hold open his heavy eyelids. He’s so lazy that he just doesn’t react, even if you get right in his face with a camera… Hit the jump for a bonus Phillip photo! Continue reading