Wheels of Yesteryear

Shoom.Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8
1/5000 sec
ISO 100

It was recently a long weekend here in Queensland (thank you, Queen, for letting us celebrate your birthday), so we went on a roadtrip across the border to New South Wales.  I realise that crossing these borders aren’t nearly as exciting as crossing into another country but, alas, such are the drawbacks of living in a waterlocked (is this a thing?) country.  Either way, it was still great to be able to escape to somewhere and leave all my worries behind.  It was pretty great, as we stumbled upon a bizarre fete/festival/vintage car display fusion that was actually pretty fun.  I still don’t know what it was but it brought out some brilliant cars like the one above, which obviously lends itself well to monochrome photos – perfect for Leanne’s challenge.

On a side note, every time I see a full-colour photo of anything pre-1950s, I’m often taken back.  I think my brain secretly thinks the whole world was in black-and-white back in the day.

Mirrored Roads (Instax)

INST_002I really liked the way the shadows of the buildings were falling onto the road, leading to the high contrast with the beams of sunlight that were still filtering through.  I’m pretty impressed with how the Instax Mini handled the high contrast, considering it’s an instant camera.  I also took advantage of a reflective glass panel on the bottom right of the frame, leading to some pretty interesting shapes.  Make sure you make good use of the hand strap before taking photos like this!