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Hump Day

So much has changed since I started this blog.  I started my obsession with photography back in the day with toycams, which then branched out into vintage cameras and eventually my one digital mirrorless camera.  My initial obsession with lo-fi photography led me to buy a Digital Harinezumi 2++, Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim, Golden Half, a Gakkenflex (best purchase ever), a Holga 135BC and many, many more.  Eventually, I picked up my dad’s old Pentax ME-SUPER (which unfortunately gets jammed), which opened up a whole new world of vintage cameras.  I got pretty obsessed with old USSR cameras (have you seen them? they’re built like tanks), leading to me buying a Smena Symbol and a FED-2.  I now have an Olympus E-P5 (a mirrorless micro four-thirds) camera, which is nothing short of amazing.

I’ll try to post my least-worst photos on here for the world to see.  Purely because of practical reasons, I mainly post photos from my Olympus E-P5, but I’ll try to scan some more film photos in too.

If you’re wondering about the identity of the adorable ball of fluff in my photos, he’s a Golden Retriever, owned by my partner Tiff

9 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. This blog is good! Keep posting pictures and more tips/tricks. I used to own a Holga CFN and is now thinking of purchasing a Digital Harinezumi 2++.


    • Heh, thanks for that, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’m just curious, though… when you say that you used to own one, how come that’s in past tense? Do you no longer have it? As you can probably tell with the my posts, I don’t tend to use my Holga all too often. I much prefer the Gakkenflex and the Harinezumi 2++ 😀


  3. I don’t find many photography enthusiasts who delivers their shots just the way it is without editing them. I have the same feeling as yours; it does defeat the purpose of having the said camera if they always find it a must to edit them.

    Fellow harinezumi, you’re on my blogroll^^
    Hope you update soon.


    • Heh you’re too kind. I’m glad you agree with my philosophy in photography – sometimes I feel like not many people would!

      I’ll try and find time to update soon, but I’ve just been so busy with uni kicking off again 😦


  4. David thank you for following our new photoblog Monochromia 🙂 Like you I used M 4/3 cameras and I loved the image quality (Olympus OMD-E-M5). I have since sold the camera but I have many great images to remind me of my love for the M 4/3 format. I look forward to following your blog.

    Cheers Joe


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