Deep Contemplation

Deep Contemplation
Olympus 45-150mm at 58mm
1/60 sec
ISO 100

I’ve always shied away from portraits in black and white, because it always seemed less forgiving than colour, but it’s really not that scary!  Like with everything else, you just need to play to the strengths of the medium you choose.  I was trying to create a moodier shot with this particular photo, and I think that’s a domain in which black and white photos really shine.  It also helps if you have a pre-determined plan/vision in mind, rather than just shooting and hoping for the best.


PS: Tiff actually made that top herself.  Details here, if you’re also into sewing and all that jazz.

9 thoughts on “Deep Contemplation

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    • Thanks Shane, I’m pretty new to shooting portraits so that means a lot. Still kind of finding my way, but it was a very inspired series of photos that I took that day.


    • Thank you Shivani. I feel the same way, though I’ve found that not every single photo looks good in b&w. When you have an appropriate photo though, then yes it does add a lot of depth to it. It has a nice simplicity that is sometimes lost with colour photos


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