Happiness Is a Glowing Puppy

SnoopyPanasonic Lumix G 20mm f/1.7
14.o sec
ISO 100

Here’s everyone’s favourite beagle!  I can’t claim full credit for this one – it was Tiff who did the actual light painting in this case.  If you have never tried light painting, you really should give it a go.  All you need is a tripod, a dark room and a pen torch.  Put your camera into bulb-mode, press the shutter and start drawing in the air with light!  It can take a bit of trial and error, but when you pull it off, the results can be pretty darn cool.  Technically any light source would work, but I find that pen torches allow for the right level of brightness and dexterity to pull off cool art.

6 thoughts on “Happiness Is a Glowing Puppy

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    • You’re welcome. I also like it when people include the settings used, so I figured I’d pass on the favour. Light painting is super experimental by nature, but every now and then, you get one like this that works out. With regard to the shutter time, 12 seconds wasn’t a deliberate, premeditated figure. I just look the camera into Bulb mode and close the shutter when I’m done with the light painting.


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