And the sun sets on our beloved Harinezumi…

Today I bring bad news to the Harinezumi fans out there (if you’re reading my blog, you probably are one).  Within the last few weeks, Superheadz issued a statement saying that they are fully discontinuing the production of their entire Harinezumi range (including the 2++ and 2+++).

In short, what has happened is that their supplier of the crucial 1.5-inch screen has stopped making them and, thus, there is no way for the Harinezumi to continue production.  There is no immediate future for it to return, but they did say that they “hope for the return of Digital Harinezumi one day”.

If you want to read their full statement, go to:

The takehome message: If you’re still on the fence about buying any of the Harinezumis (the 2+++ sounds amazing, with its 10 colour modes), you really should buy one as soon as humanly feasible, while you still can.  Once the current stocks run out, there will be no more.  Potentially ever!  But if you already own a Harinezumi, take very, very good care of it.  I know I will (not that I didn’t already…).

PS. The above picture was taken from my house with my now-even-more-treasured Zumi 2++.  The sky was filled with an amazing range of colours that afternoon, for some reason.

8 thoughts on “And the sun sets on our beloved Harinezumi…

  1. i have mixed feelings when i heard of the news.
    1. yay! my harinezumi is rare forever! (on top of being limited ed. already).
    2. darn it.
    3. the more we all should keep the art alive.


    • Yeah, I had those same thoughts when I read it too. To be honest, I was pretty surprised at the time – I just thought that the Harinezumi would be around forever! It’s a shame really…. they had a new one lined up and everything. I was almost ready to splurge on it, too (depending on its features).

      Oh well, at least it makes us feel special 😛


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