Ghostly beach (Gakkenflex)

I know this photo in itself is nothing special – it’s really just a simple matter of taking a double exposure. Despite this, though, images like this are actually what initially inspired me to pick up film cameras.  Being someone who has predominantly used point-and-click digital cameras, I had no idea about multiple exposures, and these images totally blew my mind.

It made me happy that this shot turned out well , actually. If you try to do something like this, you’ll have to try and keep the camera in the exact same position for the two shots, or else it will turn into a big massive blur.  I wasn’t sure if I managed to achieve that, but it seems to look okay.

6 thoughts on “Ghostly beach (Gakkenflex)

  1. Haha thanks! It’s kind of funny how you almost forget what a double exposure looks like, whereas I only just learned what a double exposure is in the last few months. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about using film cameras that draws me in – maybe it’s the delayed gratification from not being able to see the photos immediately. Or maybe it’s being able to do so much with the photos so easily (like multiple exposures). There’s just something about them…


    • Nope, I didn’t flip the lenses at all. It was a while ago, but I think what I did was that I turned the lenses past the ‘notch’ that stops you from turning further. It hurt my hands, but it meant that I could take pictures closer to me and also that nice vignetting around the edges


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