Red Rocketshop (Harinezumi 2++)

This was taken on a recent trip to the Fortitude Valley, near where I live. I was using the Highlighter mod I mentioned in an earlier post, so that I could get some softer colours. I think that the mod sometimes works in conjunction with the natural vividness of the Harinezumi 2++ and you get photos like this one: soft and dreamy, but with some vivid reds.

2 thoughts on “Red Rocketshop (Harinezumi 2++)

  1. Haha thanks for dropping by again. I’m glad that you find my posts/photos interesting enough to go do research. If you want a starting point for these ‘toy cameras’, look up Holgas on Flickr. Holgas are usually the name used to epitomise the whole toycam movement. They’re super cheap on eBay too, and a lot of fun to use!

    Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions about any of these.


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