Monochrome lens flare skyline (Harinezumi 2++)

This was taken with the Harinezumi 2++, ISO100, set on black and white mode. I do enjoy taking photos with lens flare in it, but you should be careful when doing that. The manual says not to point the camera at the sun, as it causes burn-in, and I’ve heard reports of it happening. Despite that, I just can’t help myself! The way I deal with it is to keep it to a minimum.

I was at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast when I took this photo.

5 thoughts on “Monochrome lens flare skyline (Harinezumi 2++)

  1. hey bro…i was searching for digi hari 2 in google that i found ur site…superb informative blog..i like it…i just bought digi hari 2…but then i can’t set ISO…and the manual is in japanese…do you have the english version? do advise more on how to capture those nice pics with digi hari 2…mine just couldn’t be as attractive..thanks mate


  2. Thanks for the compliments. To set the ISO, just press the menu button twice. To change the ISO, flick the wheel thing and press OK. You’ll then have to keep pressing OK until you’re back at the home screen. Hope that helped


    • Ooh, you have a Chinon? The Chinon has automatically detecting ISO settings. It senses the amount of light available and it sets it to either 100 or 800, depending. I had a look at some of the photos on your blog, and I spot a few ISO800 ones.

      You can’t change it manually, but it does a pretty good job of figuring out when to use which ISO setting. If you’re taking a photo in low light, chances are that it’s going to be in ISO800


    • I have a chinon too. the trick to get it to shoot in lofi is to switch it off, and shoot your subject as soon as you switch it back on. It had to be done quick/before the chinon could actually calibrate the iso. – of course the result varies, but at least it’s not too highly contrasted.


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