Temples 2-in-1 (Gakkenflex)

This photo was taken when I decided to experiment a bit with multiple exposures on my Gakkenflex. For a long time, I had just been taking multiple exposures in the same orientation. But in this one, I’d taken a photo of this temple in portrait and then a second shot landscape. I actually think this was entirely accidental on my part, but it just goes to show that accidents in photography can sometimes turn out pretty cool

4 thoughts on “Temples 2-in-1 (Gakkenflex)

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by! Also yeah, I quite like it myself. Actually, the first half of that roll of film was not wound properly, so I have a whole bunch of multiple exposure and partially overlapping shots. I’ll post some more of those up soon. Your own blog is so cool to just browse through, too. It’s like an adventure!


  1. In love with this picture! Just finished making my Gakkenflex and just bought 3 rolls of film haha. Just wondering, how do you take multiple exposure pictures? I’m VERY new to film to be honest.. 😦


    • Hey hey, you’re going to have so much fun with it! Taking multiple exposures is super easy with the Gakkenflex. All you do is you pull the lever down (as usual), then without turning the wheel, do it again! Don’t take too many exposures though, or else you’ll just end up with a white mess for a photo


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