Fiery Temple (Gakkenflex)

Yeah, I used this photo in my Gakkenflex review, but I love it so much that I think it deserves its own post. Once again, this was the result of not fully winding the photos, but it made for a great result. I’m pretty sure the bottom part of the photo is due to extreme light leaking because I didn’t wind the film far enough when I loaded it, before taking this photo. And the top part is the next photo overlapping onto this one.

All in all, it makes it look like we all live in the sky, above a temple… which is on fire!

2 thoughts on “Fiery Temple (Gakkenflex)

  1. This is a really great shot, too. I’m curious, judging by the work I’ve seen of your’s so far, whether you consider yourself any kind of artist, or perhaps more lucky than anything else. I feel like whenever I am playing around with an image, half the time getting to something I feel happy with has at least equal parts happenstance and intention.


    • Heh, I’m quite flattered that you’d even ask if I consider myself an artist, but no, it never even occured to me. I guess I’d call myself an amateur photographer though, since I find it really fun to use toy and vintage film cameras. It turns out that film is actually already really versatile without image editing. Also, yes, equal parts happenstance and intention does sound about right. I often do know what I want in my photos, but the beauty of film is that it is often quite unpredictable. For example, I do know what should happen if I only wind the film certain amounts (eg. end up with two or three photos overlapping each other), but sometimes it’s hard to visualise immediately.


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