Red Flowers Macro (Gakkenflex)

As you can see, the Gakkenflex can get actually get quite close to objects while still taking clear shots.  It’s not the same sort of extreme macro you get from something like the Harinezumi 2++, but it’s still nice.  The manual focus on this camera means that you have to spend some time fiddling with it to get the right focus.  Also, when you take photos really close with the Gakkenflex, you start to see some vignette action going on.

2 thoughts on “Red Flowers Macro (Gakkenflex)

    • Heh, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I was surprised as to how well the photo turned out, especially since the area didn’t look all that stunning. It’s amazing what some perspective can do for photos.
      You’ve got some amazing photos on your blog yourself! I especially love the photography tips.


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