In Case You Don’t Understand Traffic Lights

In Case You Don't Understand Traffic Lights


I find this sign more than a little amusing because of its placement.  It’s obviously usually used around construction sites, but I like to pretend this sign is warning you that there’s a traffic light up ahead and you should prepare to stop.  Just in case it’s red.  Talk about overkill, though I guess you can never be too safe.

…I’ll stop being silly now.  Maybe.

How To Cross A Road

How To Cross A Road

(Photo Challenge: Texture)

I know that, as kids, we’re always told to look both ways before we cross a road, but this is the first time I’ve had the road itself tell me how to cross it.  It’s incredible, excessive and amazing all at the same time.  I mean, what do we do when we get to every other road crossing?  I guess we all just flap around looking lost and not knowing what to do because the road doesn’t have printed instructions.

On a side (and completely pedantic) note, I disagree with the order in which to look – I’m interpreting these instructions as telling me to look left, then look right.  I live in Australia and we drive on the left side of the road here, so I think it makes sense to look to my right first (for oncoming cars in the lane closest to me), then look to the left.  And then I usually look to the right again.

Maybe it’s just me.

Instagram – A Playground For Serious Photographers Too?


Some food, because Instagram

Food. Because Instagram.

I’m going to take a break from my regular stream of photos and tell a story.  A couple of months ago, I showed this very blog to one of my friends, who replied, “Wow, you would have a really cool Instagram”.  To this I instantly scoffed (in my head, of course, because I’m not rude).  Instagram is just cats and dogs and food. Right?

Slowly, over the coming weeks, it got me thinking.  Why have I been so instinctively against the idea of using Instagram to share my photos?  I suppose I’ve always thought that it was the wrong demographic and that Instagram photos were somehow an inferior version of photography.  I must’ve been very put off by the fact that it has such a heavy smartphone camera focus, what with all the heavy preset filters and all.  Plus, Instagram didn’t even have a web interface for a long time, if I remember correctly.

Then, my partner Tiff started to show me some amazing photos on Instagram and it really opened my eyes.  I honestly had no idea that professional photographers were using Instagram – and to great effect, too!  Now, I’m not saying I’m anywhere near the level of a pro photographer (a budding enthusiast at best), but it was really interesting to find out that people were uploading their DSLR/Mirorless photos to Instagram.

At the end of the day, I guess it’s really just another avenue to reach out to more people.  All of the nonsense of me dismissing the entire network was really just my stubbornness and arrogance showing through, I think.  What I love about photography is that it doesn’t discriminate and it breaks down barriers.  A powerful image can convey a range of themes and feelings, without a single word, and that’s something that can be achieved with any equipment and through any outlet.

I guess the next question is how it’s going to work alongside this blog.  I have no idea, but I just signed up with the handle @blinded_by_light, and I suppose it’ll be a mix of photos I’ll feature here, alongside others I didn’t think were good enough for WordPress.

Maybe along with some dog photos.  Because everyone loves animal photos, right?

A Little Gardening Kick

Because it's a boot.

I have a bit of a… shall we say, minimalist approach to gardening.  If you gave me a plant to look after for you because you’re off on some great and wonderful plant-free holiday, I could probably keep it not-dead for the time you’re gone.  In saying that, I don’t exactly go out of my way to plant things.  In fact, I’m probably that guy that would try and find a way to build a self-watering mini-greenhouse to make things easier.

So anyway, Tiff recently started to dip her toes into gardening.  I’m not going to lie, it is 100% because they come in adorable, bright ceramic mini booties.  It started with the above camomile, but it now has two friends: basil and wild strawberry.

I can see this exploding into a full greenhouse full of adorable potplants very soon.

Colourful Stools

Colourful stools


Okay, so I realise that the title makes this photo sound kind of… faecal, but I swear it’s not.!

I just happened to stumble across a bunch of adorable little stools (the kind you sit on!) while I was walking down the mall.  From a distance, I was convinced that there was some sort of kids’ day/activity going on, but nope!  These were laid out for a very serious (and talented) singer/songwriter who was performing.

I feel like the décor could’ve matched a bit better.

Yellow is the New White

Yellow is the New White



So I was walking around under one of the bridges in town (I know, it’s crazy. Brisbane has bridges???) when I spotted this.  It just seems so out of place – one lone yellow pillar, surrounded by white ones.  I still can’t quite figure out what makes this one so special.  Maybe they wanted to paint them all yellow but couldn’t be bothered.  Or maybe they left them all white and decided it needed a splash of colour somewhere, then painted one yellow and decided “bah good enough”.

I also love how it has those red arrows telling pedestrians and cyclists to stay to the left of the pillar.  Phew! Good thing it’s there, otherwise I might have tried to walk right into the river.  

Redundant signage is the best.


Floating in Isolation

Floating in Isolation


I know that photos of floating boats in black and white are a little on the overdone side, but I couldn’t resist when I saw this beauty floating, moored just a short distance away from where I was.  The sky looks a little menacing too, making me wonder just how long this boat will stay anchored ashore.


It also looks like it has antennae, which is always fun.